• Potato Peeler - Mostro
  • Potato Peeler

    100% Save labor.

    Availability depends upon the machine.

    Using Area : Bakery, Restaurants, Cateres, Institutions.

    Peeling time : 50 Sec to 90 Sec

    Note : Peal the skin of potatos, before boiling.

  • Onion Peeler - Mostro
  • Onion Peeler

    Onions are arguably the world’s most widely used ingredient. They vary in shape and color from flattish brown to round pale bulbs but share a common structure, with a papery outer skin and protecting inner layers of pale, crisp flesh. High volume, high quality output, Simple to clean and maintain.

    No water usage, no waste slurry to deal with, product remains dry, Simple to operate, No batch unloading process leaving peeled onions.

    Can work with wide range of product size and quality.