• Conventionl wet grinder - Mostro

  • Special Type of Gear Boxes are used for the long life and for low grinding time in our Commercial Conventional Wet Grinders.

    Capacity : 5,10 ltrs available

    Utility : Grindes Rice ,Dhal

  • Tilting grinder - Mostro

  • Tilting you towards success, this grinder reduces the grinding workload and brings you immediate gains.

    Capacity : 5, 10,15,20,25 lts available

    Utility : Grinds Rice, Dhal, Masala and Other

  • Instant Rice Grinder - Mostro

  • This idli/Dosa Batter machine helps you make batter in minutes and let Profits flow instantly.

    Capacity : 50kg / Hour

    Utility : Grinds Wet Rice

  • Instand Chutney grinder - Mostro

  • Grinds Masala, Kuruma, Gravy items within minutes. Capable of grinding and Spicy items in wet operations.

    Capacity : 30kg / Hour

    Utility : Grinds Chutney, Masala Item, Kuruma Tomoto, PurI Etc.

  • Coconut scrapper - Mostro

  • Continuous Operation

    Table - Top Model

    Fully SS Construction

    Belt Driven

    Splash Guard Provided

  • Rice Washer - Mostro

  • Capacity : 20 Kgs

    Through this machine unparalleled purity is assured.

    It is indispensable for all types of kitchens.

    Utility : Washes Rice and Pulses.

  • Batter mixer - Mostro
  • Helps to mix the Rice and Dhal Batter thoroughly and uniformly within 3 to 5 minutes time according to the capacity. Mixes the batter in double quick time when compared to manual operations, besides it mixes uniformly.

    Capacity : 5O LTR

    Utility : Mixing the Rice and Dhal Batter Uniformly Within 10 Min Movable with Castor Wheels.

  • Gravy machine - Mostro

  • Grind kali Masala, Palak, Panjabi masala, Boil onion,Mirchi, tomato, garlic, Dal for dalwada, ginger, badam, kaju.

  • Ginger and garlic paste machine-Mostro

  • Ideal for wet grinding of chutneys,spices,ginger Garlic paste tomato puree,palak etc. It can also be Used to grind spices to a coarse stage. The machine Can be tilted for easy discharge

  • Commercial Mixer - Mostro

  • Capacity -5 ltr

    It can grind wet & dry grains,gravy of Vegetables, Sugar,Tomato,Green chilly, Garlic, Mase Termined, Mase dated , Cashew, Powder of laddu, Fresh coconut, Black pepper, Masala, Ginger, Pudina etc.