• Chicken Griller - Mostro
  • Chicken Griller

    CAPACITY : 9,15,20,25 BIRDS Cap

  • Shawarma - Mostro
  • Shawarma

    CAPACITY : 9,15,20,25 Cap

  • Sandwitch Griller - Mostro
  • Sandwitch Griller

    Toast, grill and griddle a variety of foods with this simple sandwich maker. Cap: Single /Double.

    Heavy duty MS griddle Plate with Nylon adjustable bullet.

    SS handle with gear system for smooth pressing and grilling.

    Heavy duty indication lamps with rotary on/off Switch,3 KW, I Phase Power Consumption.

  • Deep Fat Fryer – Mostro
  • Deep Fat Fryer

    Heavy Duty electric deep fat fryers by Cecil ware Corporation are energy efficient electric cooking unit.

    Robust stainless steel Professional double deep fat fryer with 2 baskets for various types of food, all controls are mounted on the front control panel for easy operation.

  • Salamander - Mostro
  • Salamander

    Salamander grills are ideal for grilling sandwiches, vegetables or meat,quickly and efficiently.

    Our salamander grills offer precise cooking control and fast heat up times.

  • Oil Dryer - Mostro
  • Oil Dryer

    Easy to use

    Machine is suitable for filter oil and water from the products.

    Timer arrangement is fitted to stop the operation at a particular time.

    Output product quality is good Hygienic.