• Hood Type Dishwasher
  • Requires only 2 liters of water per washing cycle thus ensuring low energy, water, detergent and rinse aid consumption.

    Slanted wash arms to avoid detergent-filled wash water droppin1g on clean dishes after the rinsing phase, thus guaranteeing ideal washing results.

    Cycle may be interrupted at any time by lifting the hood.

    Automatic self-cleaning cycle and self-draining vertical wash pump and boiler to avoid bacteria proliferation.

    Built-in rinse aid dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect result while minimizing service and maintenance needs.

    Single skin hood supported by 3 springs to ensure smooth movement and guarantee operator safety.

    Specially designed Stainless steel wash/rinse arms and nozzles provide superior cleaning action.

  • Conveyor Type Dishwasher
  • Resistant to both detergents and high temperatures.

    Possibility to stack the baskets to maximize the management of storage space.

    Double wall construction in polypropylene increase strength and flexibility.

    Water repellent construction material to help deflection of water during washing.

    Smooth surfaces and rounded corners prevent build up of dirt and ensure perfect hygiene.

    Atmospheric insulated boiler combined with the rinse booster pump for perfect rinsing results (water temperature and pressure always constant during rinsing cycles), independent from the inlet water pressure.

    Easy to remove wash/rinse arms.

  • Glass Washer

  • Low noise level.

    Equipped with drain pump for easy and quick installation without opening the machine.

    Rinse booster pump available to be installed on site.

    Built-in rinse water heater to increase the temperature of the final rinse water.

    Simple control panel.

    Extra program to cold rinse beer and wine glasses providing sanitized glasses, cool enough to handle.