• Atta Kneader - Mostro
  • Atta Kneader

    100% Save labour.

    Available depends upon the machine.

    Easy to clean and easy to work.

    Capacities : 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25 Kgs

    Using Materials : Iron, casting gear box, s.s.Drum & s.s.Arm.

  • Chappathi Ball Cutting Machine - Mostro
  • Chappathi Ball Cutting Machine

    Handling Is Easy.

    Maintenance Cost Is Too Low.

    Cutting Ball Size Can Be Adjusted As Per Requirement.

    Save Labor Cost.

    Weights Of Each And Every Ball Are Identical.

    Running Cost Is Too Low.

    Suitable For Parotta, Chapatti, Poori, Cutlet & Bakery Items

  • Chappathi Sheater - Mostro
  • Chappathi Sheater

    Save Labor Cost.

    Handing Is Easy.

    Out Put: Semi Boiled Chapatti.

    Shape Of Chapatti Will Be In Exact Round Shape.

    Safety Sensors Were Fitted For User Safety.

    Cost Per Chapatti From This Unit Is Low.

    Maintenance Cost Is Low.

    Compact And Power Saving.

    Chapatti Quality And Softness Will Be High When Compared With Manmade Chapptti.

  • Semi Automatic Chappthi Machine - Mostro
  • Semi Automatic chappthi machine

    Chappati making machine, can produce.

    upto 960 chappti/Hour or 16 chappati / min.

    SS cover with thermal insulation.

    1kw heating element, Bonfiglioli motor.

    Burners gas operated.

  • Fully Automatic Chappathi Machine - Mostro
  • Fully automatic chappathi machine

    Fast Production

    Save precious time

    Very easy operation

    Low production cost

    Very less labor need

    Very hygienic preparation

    Uniform baking and puffing

    Fuel cost minimize efficiently

    Ready to fry puris can be prepared

    Dough can be fed without any pre-forming

  • Seva Machine - Mostro
  • Seva machine

    SS Container With Stainless Pusher.

    With Gear System.

    Auto Stop, Production Capacity 50 Kg Per Hour.

    Belt Guard Attached.